• $50 - for most citations

  • $75 - for most warrants


City of Dallas traffic tickets, which are issued by City of Dallas Police Officers, are handled in the City of Dallas Municipal Court. Dallas County traffic tickets, which are issued by Dallas County Constables or Sheriffs, are handled in the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Courts.

After receiving a Dallas traffic citation in the City of Dallas, you have twenty-one days to pay your ticket or appear in court and enter a plea. In other jurisdictions / municipalities, the appearance date varies. If you do not make an appearance, a Dallas warrant will be issued for your arrest and your fine will increase. In addition, the Court may issue an additional offense known as a Failure to Appear.

The only way to dispose of this warrant is to post a cash bond for the fines owed or hire an attorney who can post a bond on your behalf so you do not have to come up with the money for the outstanding fine. In most instances, hiring an experienced Dallas traffic ticket attorney is less expensive than paying the fines. Simply paying the fine would result in a conviction on your record.

We charge $50 per offense for City of Dallas tickets. If more than 21 days have elapsed since the date of issuance of the Dallas traffic ticket, the ticket automatically goes into warrant status. For warrants or past due Dallas traffic tickets, there is an additional $25 charge per offense (for a total of $75 per offense).

For City of Dallas Traffic Ticket Class C Misdemeanors other than traffic tickets (such as Public Intoxication, Minors in Possession, or Class C Assaults, city code violations), the attorney fees do vary.

In most cases, you can retain our services by credit card over the phone to save your valuable time. We do accept payment plans for some cases.

Please complete the traffic ticket questionnaire or contact our office at 214.370.8260 (Contact Form) so we can further discuss your case and finalize the arrangements.


$50 Dallas traffic tickets for most citations$50 - for most citations $75 Dallas warrants for most citations$75 - for most warrants

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